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posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   March 28, 2018 14:01
Have a great holiday weekend and as the end of the university year approaches, study hard for those finals. But remember to take care of yourselves as you go into this stressful time of year. Final exams can be stressful. Eat right, keep your healthy habits such as exercise or keeping in touch with friends, and above all, don't stress to much. For the parents of University of Saskatchewan students, if you are coming to Saskatoon to assist your children, we are the closest hotel to the University of Saskatchewan and we have great rates for you as well as free Netflix, free parking and an incredible healthy free continental breakfast. Our staff, many of whom have attended the U of S, are very helpful and knowledgeable about our great campus and our great city. Safe travels on this long weekend and good luck to all the students writing exams.

School is wrapping up.

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   March 1, 2017 09:57
As the school year comes to a close we are inviting parents to come stay with us as they come to pick up their students from a long year of school. Its amazing how they have added so much stuff in a school year. Our staff are excited to see all of the visitors coming and some of our staff are students themselves ready to move into full time summer jobs. Regardless of where your heading, come stay with us when visiting Saskatoon. Our rates are great, our free breakfast is fabulous and our staff is awesome. Just call us to book or book online. Drive safe

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The Hotel Closest to the University

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   April 10, 2015 13:14

We at the Refresh Inn and Suites would like to invite any parents, professors, researchers, visitors, former students, alumni or future students to come visit the beautiful campus, University of Saskatchewan. Summertime is our favorite time to be on the campus. It is much quieter, the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the campus is so peaceful. With the closure of the bridge, our hotel is the most convenient for people visiting the campus as there is not need to cross the bridge, we are right across the street. So if your travels bring you to Saskatoon, come stay with us in our beautiful new hotel we are so proud of. We look forward to visitors and are so proud of the campus.


posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   March 3, 2015 10:22
No this is not chicken little jumping to conclusions, we have just been informed that the University of Saskatchewan bridge will be closing as early as May and reopening at the end of summer. As we all know construction season may last until the fall. With this announcement we are pleased to be there for our University of Saskatchewan professors, doctors, scholars, parents and all visitors to the University of Saskatchewan. We are only a 4 minute walk to the front doors of the university. With the bridge closure, the downtown area will only be accessible by walking from this side of the bridge. Vice versa, the university will only be accessible from our side so our hotel will invite all new visitors to the city to come stay with us and experience our superb customer service. We also want to invite back our loyal customers for the usual pampering treatment.

Seasons Greetings

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   December 12, 2014 08:55

Well, it is getting close to Christmas. Our tree is up and decorations and lights are shining. If you find yourself in Saskatoon around this Christmas season, feel free to come stay with us and check out our Christmas hospitality. Should you find yourself in Saskatoon to visit the Royal University Hospital or University of Saskatchewan, we are a great hotel for your stay. You can cook a turkey or eat some homemade meals that you cook in our gourmet kitchen instead of eating at a restaurant. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and joyful new year. 



Fleetwood Mac Concert

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   September 14, 2014 20:45
We are very excited to welcome Fleetwood Mac to Saskatoon and are reserving rooms for guests attending the concert. Book now by making a reservation to ensure the best weekend possible! Hurry! Limited rooms available. We have a great free continental breakfast for the perfect morning after.


Katy Perry Concert

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   August 27, 2014 13:59
We are welcoming all visitors and concert goers to the Katy Perry concert. Our brand new hotel situated next to downtown is a the perfect relaxing place to stay. Make your stay way less stressful by checking into REFRESH and we will get you a taxi to take you straight to the concert. The bus is also running to and from the concert for regular bus fare of $3.00 per adult. The next morning you can get up, have a complimentary coffee and enjoy the free delicious continental breakfast. This is a great opportunity to check out Saskatoon's newest and most modern hotel at an affordable price.

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University of Saskatchewan

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   July 26, 2014 20:13
We are inviting all of the new and returning students and families to the University of Saskatchewan to come check out our facility either by booking a room or coming to say hello. We have had several professors and researchers stay at our facility already and they have given us a thumbs up. As the distance from our front doors to Place Riel and to many of the colleges on campus is less than a 10 minute walk(and some even 5 minutes), it is a great location for visiting professors, doctors, researchers and clinicians and not waste anytime driving. The walk to the Meewasin River Valley is only 10 minutes as well and this time of year, that walk is beautiful. So when reserving a room remember to plan at least one evening for a short walk with our complimentary flavours of tea and coffee, and enjoy a relaxing evening. Life is too short to be tied to that desk. Our great knowledgeable staff will be happy to give you directions or help in any way they can.




posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   July 24, 2014 09:54
We finally opened our doors to customers as of this week. Our parking lot is still not complete, but the reaction from our first customers has been fantastic. The free continental breakfast has been a big success and delicious. Because parking is free and we are only 3 minutes to the doors of the Royal University Hospital, the savings for hospital visitors is huge. Also, any attendees to the University of Saskatchewan also get a huge savings in taxi fees or parking. The NETFLIX and free wifi in every room has also been well utilized. We are a state of the art, eco-friendly hotel with all of the amenities of a big chain at refreshing prices. Looking forward to seeing you all in your travels to Saskatoon



Refresh Inn and Suites Across from the University of Saskatchewan

posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   June 19, 2014 10:00

Our hotel looks fantastic. Our goal for the next few months will be to make sure our great team of professionals is working together to make the experience the best possible for our guests. Our supercharged high speed wireless internet and free movie package with NETFLIX is going to be a great addition to our hotel. We also love the location right across the street and the closest accommodation to the University of Saskatchewan. Our free continental breakfast, in-room fridges and gourmet kitchen will be sought after by diet restrictions, discerning appetites and business people needing a break from the restaurant scene.

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We are a locally owned and operated premier hotel, located in the heart of Saskatoon, across from the University of Saskatchewan.
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