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posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   April 10, 2015 13:14

We at the Refresh Inn and Suites would like to invite any parents, professors, researchers, visitors, former students, alumni or future students to come visit the beautiful campus, University of Saskatchewan. Summertime is our favorite time to be on the campus. It is much quieter, the trees and flowers are in full bloom and the campus is so peaceful. With the closure of the bridge, our hotel is the most convenient for people visiting the campus as there is not need to cross the bridge, we are right across the street. So if your travels bring you to Saskatoon, come stay with us in our beautiful new hotel we are so proud of. We look forward to visitors and are so proud of the campus.


posted by Refresh Inn and Suites    |   March 3, 2015 10:22
No this is not chicken little jumping to conclusions, we have just been informed that the University of Saskatchewan bridge will be closing as early as May and reopening at the end of summer. As we all know construction season may last until the fall. With this announcement we are pleased to be there for our University of Saskatchewan professors, doctors, scholars, parents and all visitors to the University of Saskatchewan. We are only a 4 minute walk to the front doors of the university. With the bridge closure, the downtown area will only be accessible by walking from this side of the bridge. Vice versa, the university will only be accessible from our side so our hotel will invite all new visitors to the city to come stay with us and experience our superb customer service. We also want to invite back our loyal customers for the usual pampering treatment.

We are a locally owned and operated premier hotel, located in the heart of Saskatoon, across from the University of Saskatchewan.
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